Welcome to the most complete registry on the McLaren F1, the car produced by McLaren Cars Limited from 1993 until 1998

I wish you a good reading and would be happy to answer you by mail if you are enthusiast, buyer, seller, owner

All types of F1 are visible on your left. I made the choice to do not display owners names and F1 available for sale

For each road car you will find : VIN | year & order of construction | exterior color/interior color (first color if different) | registration & country | where and when the car was last seen

For each GTR you will find : VIN | Le Mans result and/or title | current livery (first livery if different) | country | where and when the car was last seen

NB : HDF = includes High DownForce Kit | LM = includes LM spec motor fitted | information written in italics asks for confirmation

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